Connecting to God is more than just believing that there is a God or that God exists.We are not just to believe but CONNECT.

You can have a big mansion with the most beautiful chandeliers across the street from the power plant, however if the mansion is not connected to the power plant the beautiful chandeliers will never be seen in all the glory they were created to be seen in. They will still be beautiful chandeliers. But without being connected to power, they will remain visible to only a very few – those willing to go into a dark mansion. But if they are connected to the power, they need to shine and illuminate the mansion.  They will draw people to the mansion because of the light that emanates from them through the windows of that mansion.

Each one of us is created to bring glory to our God. Each is created to shine like a beacon on a hill to show forth the beautiful countenance of God, like the most impressive and beautiful chandelier with the light of the Glory of God shining through every facet of our being.

The connection is so important! Without connecting to God, the energy of the Holy Spirit will not flow through us, the beacon of light that our lives are supposed to be, lighting up the world for Jesus, will remain unseen by the lost people of our world.

We must connect to God on every level!

Body – By realizing the body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and treating is as such.

Mind – By learning about God and by meditating on Him and His Word throughout each day. (Redeeming the time, meditating on the Lord day and night)

Soul – By being the man or woman God is calling us to. By being true to God and being true to ourselves.

Spirit – By being motivated by the Holy Spirit of God, our spirit infused with power by the Holy Spirit of God. By recognizing His Presence in our lives each day.

We should also connect with one another. We should not just go to the same church a someone else and pick out people we like and want to hang out with (more people like us). We should not just satisfy our own selfish desires, but invest our lives in the lives of others, people from all cultures and nations, as well as allow them to invest in our lives.

Jesus disciples, the twelve, learned over about three years how to connect with Jesus, how to connect with one another, and how to connect with hurting people.

Theylearned they had to invest themselves in others, commit themselves to God, and give themselves to the ministry.

It is time for us to connect with God, connect with people, and connect with ministry.

In other words, it is time for us to Be the Church Jesus wants us to be!

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