The Bible tells us that God knew us before we were born and the He formed us in our mother’s womb. I was thinking about how imperfect I am and how many imperfections I have. I am always asking God to forgive me for my imperfections and to help me be the person I really should be.
It comes to mind, if He formed me, then like the Potter who makes vessels of clay, He knows the clay. Every grain of the clay has passed through his hands. He knows every imperfection, yet He able to fashion vessels to be used for all purposes and every kind of occasion. Some to be used in the palaces of kings and others to carry out the refuse of humanity.
My first thought was that I wanted to be one of those beautiful vessels that would be in the palace of the king. Then I thought about how little some of those vessels are used with some being used for nothing more than display. Some on just special occasions then locked away out of sight until another special occasion.
But the vessels that take out the refuse of humanity are used daily and nightly all the days of the year.
Yes, they are easily discarded when broken and sometimes never missed, but then the Potter can break up the pieces until a new vessel can be made and used again.
I feel like I have been broken in many pieces many times and remade into another vessel.
Yet at one point I felt like I had been completely broken and discarded, thrown into the refuse pile.
I felt like that for some time. Then one morning I found myself on the Potter’s wheel again, God began to surround me with his presence, taking all the pieces and building a new vessel. He let me know that I had not been discarded but just allowing the clay to become ready until a new vessel could be formed from all the broken pieces of my heart and life.
There is a new vessel being formed on the Potter’s wheel again, and I am waiting to see what it will be like when God has completed His work on the Potter’s wheel.

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